School Leadership

Education systems and communities across the globe recognise the critical role that school leaders play in focusing efforts on improving the quality of teaching and learning, and fostering the conditions that promote a culture conducive to learning and development. We know that collective efficacy is a key element of school improvement and it can significantly impact student outcomes.
How might we build a pipeline of school leaders equipped to lead collective efficacy in increasingly complex and challenging contexts?

The Menzies School Leader Fellowship Program

The aim of the Menzies School Leader Fellowship Program is to incubate, test and learn about the leadership question, and through the process, contribute to building the pipeline of school leaders.

The Menzies School Leader Fellowship Program is a two-year, leadership development program that seeks to harness cross-sector expertise to understand how to build a pipeline of talented school leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to successfully adapt to and take on the challenges and complexities of the role. Unlike typical leadership development programs, there is an explicit focus on increasing the skills and capability of leaders to build collective efficacy. The Menzies School Leader Fellowship Program follows the principles of design, test, learn and adapt.

The Incubator model gives Fellows the opportunity to move from a traditional to an adaptive leadership approach, trialing strategies and interventions that are focused on enhancing collective efficacy within their own teaching teams.

The Fellowship is led by a multi-sector collaboration comprised of school leaders, their school and corporate, philanthropic and university partners and supported by an outstanding Advisory Board chaired by Tom Bentley, Executive Director for Policy and Impact, RMIT.

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