Leadership Discourse

The Menzies Foundation aims to raise the profile and importance of ‘outstanding’ leadership for Australia.
We do this by encouraging Australians to reflect on leadership, build their own leadership capability and take leadership roles in the community.

The Menzies Foundation works to create a vibrant future for all Australians by identifying leadership challenges and building collaborative, catalytic initiatives to address these challenges.

The key initiatives assisting in creating this narrative include:

Menzies Oration

Established in 1991, the Menzies Oration on Higher Education at the University of Melbourne honours the late Sir Robert Menzies, whose contribution to the development of universities is among his most remembered achievements as Australian Prime Minister.

It is especially fitting that the annual Menzies Orations are held in partnership with the University of Melbourne, where Robert Menzies, as a leading law student, was President of the Students Representative Council in 1916, and where he served as University Chancellor in later life.

In line with the Foundations new focus areas, the Oration will now provide an opportunity to invest in initiatives of high national importance.

Leadership Hackathon

As part of our commitment to contributing to Australia’s leadership discourse, the Foundation is delighted to be partnering with Swinburne University’s Innovation Precinct, collaborating with Adam Jacoby, Director Global and Strategic Innovation to host the inaugural Menzies Foundation & Swinburne University Leadership Hackathon.

This initiative has 50 leading Australians connecting to consider the provocation: The Leadership that got us into this mess, can’t get us out of it. What does leadership 4.0 need to look like? and determine the future of Leadership Design in a Globalized, Digitized, Tribal world.

Systems Engineering for Next Generation Leadership

The Foundation is partnering with ANU Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell, Director of the 3A Institute, to develop an intensive leadership program for an AI future.

Focused on the cutting edge of understanding the skills and capabilities required for this future, the program will focus on the type of leader and leadership attributes required to lead in an increasingly connected, complex and adaptive world.

Menzies Leadership Forum

This is a virtual space of rich content, showcasing leaders and the contributions they make to the leadership conversation. Since 2019, many leaders were engaged to share their leadership perspectives and reflect on their leadership journey.

Join The Leaders Pledge

Together we can inspire and nurture Australia’s future leaders to address some of the biggest challenges of our time.

We thank you for your valuable investment and contribution to Leadership Discourse.

The Menzies Foundation was established in 1979 with funding from a public appeal, supplemented by government investment, to commemorate the life and achievements of Sir Robert Menzies, Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister. We are a non-political, not-for-profit organisation that relies on donations and bequests to supplement our investment income.

The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation Limited is a philanthropic trust listed under Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.